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Old Trainer Card Template 7 by pwassonne Old Trainer Card Template 7 by pwassonne
Resubmitted because the preview picture was somehow not showing AND the zip archive had the wrong file in it (a WIP). I'm glad no one downloaded it before I noticed.

So, this is the last of my old Trainer Card templates (unless you ask me for more).
Unlike some of the other ones, this template includes less graphics from the original Trainer Card template and more pixel art (as in, graphics created from scratch).

This archive includes:
- Explanatory picture
- Blank Trainer Card template with transparent background
- Template in PSD and XCF format for easy editing
- Credits and terms of use

And this is where I realize I've been doing things wrong all along. Since I began uploading my old Trainer Card templates, I have completely forgotten to give credit for the sprites I used (mostly, but not only, the sprites used for the previews). I will try and find back the source of the sprite sheets I used for all the templates, and give credit where it is due. This should be done in the next few days - if it isn't, feel free to remind me. ^^ [EDIT: done ! ^_^]

Credits for this one:
Some of the template's graphics (see above) are from a Trainer Card template tutorial by Sapphire_Dragon, which can be found on this page.
The trainer and Pokemon sprites used for the preview are from The Spriters Resource.
I don't know who ripped / made the badge sprites. I found them here.

Old Trainer Card Templates
#1 - Animated Trainer&Pokémon ID
#2 - 'The biggest trainer card ever'
#3 - Gym Leader's Card
#4 - Do-It-Yourself Trainer Card
#5 - Minimalist Trainer Card
#6 - Like a Battle Frontier Card
#7 - Grayscale Trainer Card
#8 - GPX+ Shiny Hunter Card
#9 - Simple Alternative Trainer Card
#10 - Trainer VS Opponent Card
#11 - Tiny Shiny Hunter Card
#12 - Big Shiny Hunter Card
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July 20, 2012
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